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Fridley/St. Anthony Aquatics Program

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with St. Anthony-New Brighton Public Schools to hire a shared swim lead between our two locations. Learn to swim lessons will be offered at the St. Anthony Pool and the Fridley Middle School pool. Both locations will share the same programming and instructors. If our lessons are full, please check the program offerings at St. Anthony with this link to see their availability.

The St. Anthony/Fridley swim program provides instructional swimming classes which focus on skill progression and safety awareness for all ages from infant to adult.

Located at the indoor pool in the Fridley Middle School, our variety of swim lessons focus on skill development. Swim lessons are limited to 4 students per instructor and each level reinforces previously learned skills and introduces new skills for a fun and rewarding experience! Our classes include:

  • Parent and Child (Ages 6 months- 4 years)
  • Preschool Beginner(Ages 4-5)
  • Preschool Intermediate (Ages 4-5)
  • Preschool Advanced (Ages 4-5)
  • Level 1-6 (Ages 6 & up)

A successful “swimmer” should be able to swim on their back and front for 25 yards, jump into deep water, float on back and change positions for one minute and tread water for one minute. Passing level 4 will provide the skills necessary to become a safe and competent swimmer. In levels 5-6, we will continue to work on all of the basic strokes, introduce the breaststroke, butterfly, cover safety topics and work on distance and endurance!

**Families, please do not register or waitlist for more then one class in a session. This will allow us to better accommodate families in our community. We appreciate your cooperation!**

  • Parents of Parent/Child levels will be in the pool with their child and may place personal items on the benches.
  • Parents of preschool levels will be seated on benches along the wall of windows on the pool deck.
  • All level 1-6 parents should be off the pool deck and seated in the bleachers for all of the lesson.

What steps are taken in the pool and locker rooms to maintain a healthy environment?

  • Safety has always been our #1 priority around water. The pool and locker rooms are cleaned daily to maintain a healthy environment and allow access for everyone.
  • Staff disinfect all swim lesson equipment before and after each class.
  • Each participant will get their own equipment during class and there will be a limited amount of equipment used.
  • Staff decisions concerning behavior and activities are for everyone’s safety.

What steps are taken to ensure children feel safe, accepted and welcomed in the locker rooms and at the pool?

  • Children 5 years old and younger may enter the men or women’s locker rooms with a parent/guardian.
  • We want to ensure children feel safe, accepted and welcomed at the pool. For children 6 years and older, they should select the locker room that aligns with their gender or where they feel most comfortable. We will not assume which locker room swim participants will be using.

What are the guidelines at the pool?

  • The St. Anthony and Fridley pool is 3 1/2 feet deep at the shallow end. Children under 50 inches must have a parent in the water during recreational/open swim times.
  • Pool rules are also posted in the pool area.

Fridley Pool Lessons full? Register at our St. Anthony site.

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    For a detailed description of each level please click here. These lessons are ONLY for students enrolled in the Tiger Club summer childcare program. *Note: If your child is not at Tiger Club on a particular day they can still come to lessons! A parent/guardian just has to drop off and pick up. BUT, they still have to be registered for Tiger Club to be able to be in these lessons. If you are not registered for Tiger Club summer care and you sign up for this class, you will be taken off the roster and refunded.