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Supporting a Balanced and Well Connected Life Through Active Aging

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  • Hear for the Health of It!

    This interactive Hear for the Health of It! PowerPoint presentation will address the consequences of untreated hearing loss in older adults. Attendees will learn how to get an accurate diagnosis of hearing loss; explore no & low cost apps and devices; discover helpful communication strategies; and MUCH more! *Class will be held online. Participants will be sent materials ahead of the class time. Captioning will be provided, instructor and materials will be visible during the presentation.
  • How to Pay for the Nursing Home: An Attorney’s Perspective

    The biggest fear for most baby boomers is how to pay for the nursing home and still leave an inheritance for the next generation. We will walk through the following questions and more including: How will I meet my nursing home goals? Is Long Term Care Insurance for me? What about home healthcare? Should I gift my money away? Would I qualify for Medicaid? What about my current Trust, does it protect my assets and avoid the nursing home? What is the 60-month claw back? What if my spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts our money? Get the answers to these and other questions and learn how to create an effective plan to deal with these uncertainties. *This class will be held both in person and online via Zoom.